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Reboot is an immortal smartphone against damage,
being filled with "self-healing polyurethane coat"

Ever since flagship smartphones rely on the same components, manufacturers, and technologies,
products embody similarly. How can mobile hardware stand out itself through CMF and user experience.


keep your daily jewelry the most precious

How might we show off the trendy smartphones without any damages or scratches?


Two thumbs up for gorilla glass

As the consumer needs have increased after increased, Gorilla achieves the scratch-resistance, durability, lightweight, and compatibility with touch screen in their manufacturing technology. Most flagship smartphones adopt Gorilla glass for not only enhancing the aesthetic beauty but the best functionality.


No one can win against a "slip"

The current smartphone market is enormous; consumers have lots of choices based on design, trend, weight, or functionality. However, all the purposes of your phones are killed by dropping just once. No matter how you drop it by accident or mistake, a phone dies too easily.


You don't want to, but you have to

Flagship smartphones from each brand put lots of effort on "high-end" material finishes, elevating the aesthetic beauty to the premium lines. Phones with unique designs and visuals that grab customers' attention are launched every year. However, protective cases cover the elegance, even if those make your phone less pretty, in order to protect from damage.


What if

The smartphone is covered with an immortal "self-healing"
material as T-1000 is made of from the movie "Terminator"?


self-Healing "PU" Makes a Major Breakthrough

Even though self-healing materials have been around for centuries, they’ve only been able to stitch up small cracks and fractures in a compromised material. However, now the new materials may be able to repair even large holes in a material due to a biologically-inspired vascular nature.


Filling the whole body with full battle armor

Clear "self-healing" polyurethane covers the entire device; eliminating the front glass that breaks unexpectedly from the dropping or any shock damage. With a unique PU material, no one needs to hide the authentic and genuine beauty of the smartphones' design under bulky protective cases.


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