Hi! I'm YJ


I am an industrial designer based in LA,
currently Working in San Francisco.


I grew up in Seoul Korea, from a cellist mom and humorous dad, learning naturally the artistic sense and ability to make people smile. I started sketching and painting when I was a 10-year-old, being influenced by mom's art--music. Sharing my ideas through visuals is my unique skill, and it is much more effective than thousands of words.

I love traveling and sketching the most. I sketch whenever I travel to other countries and save the memories in my sketchbook. Traveling has opened my eyes about seeing a variety of people and their lifestyle and culture. All of my interests are bridged and these continue to develope me as a creative industrial designer.


I value the visual + inventive ideas I can create through design that can be one with everyone's heartbeat.
With extraordinary thinking, I seek to redouble appealing aesthetics and maximize design solutions.