Hi, I'm YJ!

Growing up in Seoul, technology was my friend. It was incorporated into my daily life in a way that enhanced the experience. As a kid who expressed emotion visually and shared artistic inspiration through sketching and painting,  I found design can be more effective than words. Combining my love for art with my passion for cutting-edge technology, I was guided to industrial design.

As an industrial designer, I enjoy a fast-paced, energetic, focused design process, ideating, brainstorming, collaborating, prototyping, and manufacturing. The details, color choice, form development, and aesthetics help to craft the visual story. By maintaining direct communication with the users and my creative team, I design tangible products that incorporate cutting-edge tech into daily life while fostering excitement and connection.


2013-2020, ArtCenter College of Design

2019, Logitech G. Industrial Design Intern.
2019, Popsockets. Industrial Design Intern.
2019, IDA Design Awards Gold Winner.

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