soundwave is a speaker to refresh your lifestyle

Creating the most fresh environment by coexisting with the airpurifier and plants. Detecting the Co2 level in the air, purifying the air quality, and playing music with the light keep the the environment in pleasant condition.

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Comfort yet productive

Nowadays, people are moving out their habitats to the urban cities for the big successes, and these movements lead them becoming the single urban dwellers. The lifestyles have settled in working at home as office. However, the working environment lacks the energy to be creative or ingenious.


How can we create a system to maximize Dyson Air Purifier?

Dyson as a brand has already achieved great success with the Air Purifier, and its technology and convenience guarantee a better quality of life for the consumers. The project "Soundwave" has started with the question, "what is the next step for the advance movement?"


Music motivates emotions and behaviors

Until nowadays, music functions as the energy generator to inspire people in not only creative but productive ways while working. It contains an intimate relationship with the emotions and behaviors, which is the crucial factor in designing an appropriate environment.


How does it work ?


there is no doubt that the purified air helps both the plants and human in a numerous way. soundwave provides the benefits to not only survive with fresh air but also refresh our mind in order to work at home.


Geometrical Balance

Being away from a fundamental notion of cylindrical form, Soundwave's contour has been conducted to achieve a counterbalanced form in any structures and places at home. Through the development of the form factor, it takes the starch out of the atmosphere that could have been still and un-unified. Soundwave as an artistic creature takes a role of harmonizing and balancing a home interior.


experience the subtleness through the texture

As one of the interior design elements at home, the fabric texture on the top harmonizes its structure and the buttons together while the user touches it. A subtle transition, concaved shape into the center, provides the concentration to bring the human, home environment, and the product itself into one.


CO2 Guardian

Flexible color e-ink display technology is embarked into soundwave's body and covered by the frosted glass. The display panel shows the density of c02 level in the air through the panel. Gradation indicates the low contrast in the green environment, yet the high contrast lets the user know that the quality of air needs to be refresh.


Intuitive Transition

Soundwave is operating with the electronic energy to fullfill its duty; detecting the air quality, playing the mousic, and lighting up. By the action of turning it on, the lifestyle can be easily changed. connecting the power through USB type-c cable is the most developed way to transfer the energy not only fast but efficient.


your air matters even at night

sending out a signal of detected co2 level from soundwave to air purifier to maximize creating the freshest condition of the area. coworking but specializing the functions in order to fulfill the necessities.
each duty of them powerfully makes the enormous different consequences by coexisting.